Special Sessions

On invitation of the conference organizers, the following two special sessions will be organized.

1. Context-based, personalized approaches to information access

With the proliferation of mobile applications, the interest in the notion of context and personalization in information access and retrieval has increased.
The special session aims to stimulate exchange of ideas on the topic of context and personalization theories, methods, and experiments to accomodate user's needs.

Organizer: Bich-Lien Doan
Contact: Bich-Lien.Doan@supelec.fr
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2. Fuzzy databases and applications

This special session is aimed to gather researchers on the fuzzy databases by providing a forum where to discuss advances of this area (theory and applications) applied to the field of flexible query answering systems. Particularly, we encourage contributions on improving existing fuzzy databases models and systems, along with proposals on using fuzzy databases on different application areas.

Organizers: Juan Miguel Medina and Carlos D. Barranco
Contact: medina@decsai.ugr.es and cbarranco@upo.es
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Submission Guidelines

Contributors to special sessions should contact the session organizer(s), who will be responsible for selecting high quality papers within the theme of the special session, and having them reviewed by at least two, preferably three, experts in the field.

Accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings. Instructions for authors are the same as for regular papers (Instructions for authors).